God makes my way perfect
First he strengthens me. Then he makes my way perfect. How can anyone say no man is perfect? King James Version, NLT, and NKJV says "perfect" while NASB says "blameless" [Psalm 18.32]. It does intimate clearly to me that no one can make my way perfect except God--not religion, not good sermons, not theology, not church programs or attendance, and definitely not my own goodness or efforts.

Second, it tells me it's God's will that my way become perfect. In fact. he himself does this to ensure its fulfillment. See, he does everything--he forgave my sins and saved me, he gives me wisdom to know his Word, he strengthens me, he empowers me to live holy and he makes my way perfect because he in fact lives my life for me. It's all God. It's no longer I who live but Christ.

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