Jogging Therapy. Anyone?

Image from Well - The New York Times.
It's good therapy (or mind and soul cleansing) when you meet people in the streets early in the morning and smile and greet them. You run with a mild pace or just brisk walk and take your time enjoying your surroundings (I marvel at how the same neighborhood can change each day, and you sharpen your senses when you begin to discern these changes) and even stopping awhile to look at things.

We're all subjected to bad stress daily even if you just work from home. More so if you face traffic daily to get to your office. So it's become a wonderful relief to me to workout alone, go out there and walk or jog and meet with God and nature. I've looked forward to it. Well, mostly I do my workouts at home because I have to beat some deadlines and need to be near my PC most times. I do squats and push-ups and use some gym equipment. But when I have the chance, I go out there.

Home workouts can also be therapeutic if you mix in some meditation intervals (or do meditative focusing and breathing as you workout), but do go out and run or walk if you have the chance. Some runners concentrate on their progress or push themselves beyond their limits. But I run or walk while meditating on life and my surroundings.

I smile (it's vital to keep smiling during workouts) and think of nothing but the goodness of God in what I see around me. It's not really "thinking" of good things but simply being "aware" of God and his goodness as your mind is empty of mundane concerns. That's how I meditate. You can have your own meditation style. The thing is, you have to free yourself, especially your mind and spirit, and just enjoy that freedom. It's powerfully therapeutic.

Something becomes therapeutic when it releases stress and worldly cares and you forget about whatever it is that worries you. You just enjoy life and how free it can be. This means, when you jog or run or workout you don't set goals or stretch your limits. And most especially you don't punish yourself achieving goals or being upset when you can't hit them. You simply do it and enjoy and be content.

Sometimes, as you go along, you make progress and stretch your limit without noticing it. That's my ideal workout "plan."

Painting becomes therapeutic when you simply hold the brush and let your hand move as your creativity freely makes it move. You just release yourself onto the canvass. Whatever the outcome, that is the outcome. You're happy and content with it. You do the same principle with walking or running if you want to make it therapeutic. Just do it and be content. Just thank God for the wonderful experience.

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