How You Can Turn Loneliness to Laughter

We've seen how people who make us laugh can actually be buried in depression and loneliness within, even our favorite comedians. But it remains that among the best ways to cope up with loneliness is by learning to laugh in the midst of it.

And there's a proper system to do this. Yes, you can turn loneliness to laughter if you know the sound principles behind it and never laugh artificially again while all your loneliness remains intact inside.

I should know. I've been using it since I was a teenager.

The e-book, "How to Turn Your Loneliness to Laughter In Four Easy Steps," deals with 4 simple and easy steps to achieve this. Just 4 easy steps. I discovered that there are actually only a few vital principles that make loneliness melt into laughter and I summarized them in four. You don't need to learn a lot of things before you understand how it works. I've been using it for decades and friends I recommend it to in my counseling ministry also find them practical and effective.

How Effective is this System?

I've been in the church counseling ministry since 1981 starting with students and young professionals, and later with adults, seniors, the sick and the dying. Loneliness is not a respecter of persons. It creeps into the lives of even the rich and famous who seem to be full of happiness, and even among church workers and pastors. It's everywhere. And loneliness often robs you of your real person, potential, and life, even affecting your family, relations, and career--unless you master how to manage and manipulate it. Yup, it's manipulable if you know the powerful yet simple principles.

I've used the principles to many people and watched each time how they transformed from depressed people to happy, laughing, and kinder individuals. And to think that it was just a sampler that I gave them. They haven't learned the principles behind it yet. It's like I gave the the medicine, and it made them well, but they do not know where to buy the medicines the next time loneliness attacks them again.

You never have to resort to vices, costly counseling sessions with professional counselors, or buy expensive medications for depression if you learn and apply the simple keys to ridding yourself of the negative effects of loneliness.

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