So What If Your Crush Doesn't Like You?
When I was a teenager, I didn't know what to do when my crush showed signs she didn't like me---especially girls I really liked for a while. It felt like the end of the world. Being rejected by girls who mattered at the time, or even by folks you valued, was beyond comprehension. It drove you crazy. I understood well how those who ended their lives for love had felt. But that was before---when I still had a narrow view of life and didn't have regular jogging sessions yet.

Today, it's different. Who cares about detractors? Who cares about rejection?

Well, I have no more crushes today---I love my dear, pretty wife so much. She's my only crush---but there are conceited young ladies who are pretty who think every guy they meet is attracted to them---even married ones. You'd see how they think by their reactions. Inside, I just laugh them off. So, if you have a crush on these folks---and they reject you---so what? I'm telling you, it's NOT the end of the world!

Just run it off! Jog!

Looking back to when I was a teenager and often been rejected (not that I courted them, though) and felt affected, I realize what a fool I'd been. Today, I see them as mere occasional passing scenes. They're like scenery you see when traveling to the countryside in a car. They pass by (or you pass them by) and then they're gone. They're not where you're aiming to go, so don't feel bad when they're gone. Your trip is bound to get you to places lots better in the end, I assure you.

If I were you, I'd enjoy every moment. You have a crush now who doesn't like you? So what? Don't waste time on him or her. Go on befriending them and enjoy watching what you admire in them, but don't feel bad just because they like someone else or show their hatred of you. Or, they just see you as a "friend" or a "brother." By all means, treat them the same. Because years from now, you'd find the right one for you and you may see your former crushes again and be shocked at how they've changed---too much fatty bulges here and there, too many sagging arms and sagging face muscles, unbelievable wrinkles you've never seen before, and things like that.

Worse, you'd see their true characters.

Yeah, your lifetime partner may also have the physical changes that come with age but in ways that don't matter to you. When you really love someone (and God has someone like that for you, just wait), you see them in a different light, a light that never fades. While the rest, you will always see in dimly lit corners. Believe me, the cute, pretty girl that doesn't like you today will just  be among ordinary beings in the crowd years from now, and especially when you've met the right person for you.

So don't waste the happiness of your youth. Just run regularly, enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors and live life well. Be a certified jagero.

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