Blessed are you...for this was not revealed to you by man
In Jesus' words, a blessed man is one who does not get revelations from man but from the Father [Matthew 16.17]. Particularly, this is about revelations about who Jesus is. We learn a lot from teachings we get from church leaders or workers. But more than that, we should aspire to get revelations straight from the Father. Only then will Jesus see us as truly blessed.

Look at what happened to Peter here. When he got a revelation of who Jesus was from the Father, he was blessed. But when he got what proceeded from men (when he dissuaded Jesus from dying on the cross), Jesus called him Satan (or rebuked Satan behind Peter) because "you don't have the things of God but only the things of man."

Revelation from man aligns you with things of Satan. Make sure you search and mine only for the things of the Father, which are mined power.

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