God looks down from heaven
I thought it happened only in fiction stories, but one day it caught my attention in Psalm 53.2. God really does "look down from heaven." I'm more used to thinking that God is everywhere and is very near us--in fact, he indwells believers. I knew a lot of stories that revolved around God sitting on his throne in far away heaven and sometimes looking down on earth, but I didn't take them seriously. I thought they were kid's stuff.

But then Psalm 53 confirms it and gives us some insights like the following:

  • As much as God is everywhere, he also spends time being up in heaven at the same time.
  • It's a simple thing for him to "look down from heaven" and see everything happening on earth.
  • This can also mean souls in heaven simply have to look down to see what's happening on earth. Think of your loved ones who were believers and have died--it's possible that they see you most of the time--because they're also in heaven.

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