Say to this mulberry tree
A key to supernatural power is talking to objects and nature and commanding them. "Say to this mulberry tree," [Luke 17]. Supernatural powers don't come only through prayers but also by talking and commanding things to obedience. Have you talked and commanded your locked door knob to open, your lost car keys to appear, or your cough and cold to scram? It's no joke--it's among Jesus Christ's secrets to miraculous power.

God also told Moses to "speak to the rock" [Numbers 20.7] so that the Israelites may have water to drink in the wilderness.

Objects and creation can understand human speech of true believers and obey. They can even respond in worship. Jesus once said, "If these (kids) keep quiet, the stones will cry out," [Luke 19].


The creation has been eagerly waiting for the children of God to be revealed [Romans 8.19]. Creation wants to know who the true sons and daughters of God are so they can obey their voices. In the last days, they will be revealed through the LIFE of Jesus Christ manifested in them. 

These sons and daughters of God deeply believe everything God says in the bible, even what Jesus says about talking to creation to make it obey them. 

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