The LORD confides in those who fear him
The Lord confides or tells you sensitive things about the Kingdom that few should know about [Psalm 25.14]. These are private, secret matters that he entrusts to you because you fear him. In effect, you're like among his cabinet men whom he meets in closed door meetings. Only a few of you on earth know his next moves.

At times,you wonder why a matter in the bible is so obvious to you but which seems vague to others. At times, you find it so easy to approach God while others have to go through sophisticated rituals and programs before they could go past the gates of heaven.

It's because the Lord confides in you.

MORE: It's easy to see who really fears the Lord. Believers who have more Kingdom insights, who possess God's wisdom and who live daily in these revelations are genuinely God-fearing. And believers who are God-fearing like this are God's true confidants. Look for them and keep their company.

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