The Lord is the stronghold
Google defines a stronghold as "a place" for fortified protection or defense. Thus, the Lord is also a place. Proverbs says the Lord is a tower. I live in him. He is a shelter.

A stronghold is also a fortified confinement. If you're kept in a stronghold, it means you have nowhere else to go. You are imprisoned and your freedom is confiscated. You cannot move about. And if the Lord is your stronghold, you find yourself in such condition, but strangely it's all a delight to you.
  • You have nowhere else to go. In the Lord you are at home and you don't want to go anywhere else.
  • You are imprisoned. Paul kept referring to himself as a prisoner for Christ's sake. It's a prison you enjoy.
  • Your freedom is confiscated. You willingly let Christ take your freedom and you are set free more.
  • You cannot move about. You'd rather be confined to Christ's four corners. But amazingly, the more you go places and reach destinations few have gone to.
That's what it means to say the Lord is the stronghold of my life [Psalm 27].

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