The terror and fear of you
God is willing to put the terror and fear of you on all people, wherever you go [Deuteronomy 11.25]. Imagine that power. And you don't have to bear arms or threaten with nuclear capability. You just have to obey the Word of God, being "careful to observe" all his commands. You'd see even super powers scurrying away from you, filled with terror like dogs running away with tails between their hind legs.

The only condition is to obey.


The present problem the Philippines faces on its west seas with China is best solved spiritually. If a genuine spiritual revival happens to the Philippines so that all religions come to a decision to obey Jesus Christ from the heart (in fact, even if all Christians just start truly obeying the Word of God), it will be a simple matter to see God intervening supernaturally in the disputed waters in favor of the country. 

God will gladly put the "terror and fear of you" so that China will gladly leave the islands they have occupied and respect the territories of the Philippines on that body of water.

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