Where you set your foot will be yours

It's so powerful. And the best thing is, it can still work even today. God's declarations are good forever. They have no expiration. They have no limit. If you believe, it will be done for you.

Places where you set your foot will be yours [Deuteronomy 11.24]. Wars to conquer territories have all been total wastes. You don't have to resort to violence to conquer lands. You just need to do things God's ways.

So, how does this thing work? Here are the 3 prerequisites of this grace:
  • Love the Lord God
  • Walk in all His ways (and he means all)
  • Hold fast to Him
If you start seriously doing the above, your steps will start securing territories for you. Believe it. Set your foot on what God needs for his Kingdom. Start searching and mining to get his mined power.

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