In the shadow of his hand he hid me 
God hides his servants in the shadow of his hand for sharpening and polishing [Isaiah 49.2]. "He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver." You don't partake in Kingdom building and face God's enemies without being polished into a deadly weapon first. 

In fact, it is very much part of God's Kingdom for you to be kept hidden in God's hand for a while, living quietly and low profile as you seriously meditate God's WORD and develop expertise on it. God hones and polishes you as an ultimate deadly weapon, sharp and accurate, fit for battle. With one aim and shot, you easily hit your target.

After God has sharpened you, he again "conceals" you in his quiver. You are a special weapon kept in a special place for a special purpose for a special time.


Moses was kept in the desert 40 years for sharpening and polishing before he was released for service where he freed an entire nation. Jesus was kept in the Father's hand, hidden there from ages 12 to 30 and released for accurate and powerful ministry after. 

We must not hurry up for ministry activities. We must have spent enough time hidden in God for accurate sharpening and then kept in God's quiver as a sharpened arrow, glinting with deadliness. 

Do you glint with deadliness, so that one look at you, the enemy knows you have spent serious quality time with God in deep intimacy and fears you even a mile away? "They took note that these men had been with Jesus," [Acts 4.13]. 

Or are you so busy with church activities and yet inaccurate and aimless, powerless and useless in battle, having no real skill in warfare, being nothing but a dud?

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