Like Dew from the Lord
Small. To a lot of people, being small is a mortal sin. It's even unforgivable. So everyone strives to be big. Even drink orders in fastfood stores are always suggested to up-size to large.

But what's bad about being small?

Dew from the Lord that settles on the grass is a powerful thing in God's eyes. He compared Israel's remnants to it, being in the midst of many peoples.

If you are a minority in the midst of many peoples, like Israel's remnants were, you are bound to be persecuted and belittled because of your small size---like dew. But dew from the Lord collectively can cover the grass---not because dew is awesome---but because it is dew "from the Lord."

What's the use of being big if it isn't from the Lord?

I used to go all-out for anything big myself. I wanted to have the biggest or tallest this and that. I did the biggest strides when jogging. I wanted to be the guy who could run the longest distance. I wanted to make it big (I still do, but it's with a very different perspective now) in everything that I did.

But one day, I wondered what would happen if everyone's big dreams and ambitions were fulfilled? Would they all fit this small earth? Even if we lived in Neptune or Jupiter, all our big stuff collectively would soon outgrow the biggest planet.

In God's limitless Kingdom, we can all have our big stuff. But not here on earth---although you can have everything big if you live in the Kingdom even while you're on earth.

So obviously, not all of us can get the big that we want. Some of us will have to be happy with small. But who'd volunteer for that? No one. So God took it on himself to appoint recipients of small things. Well, I think I was one of them. I was chosen to have only small possessions that people belittle and laugh at---though I pray that God also give me my big dreams one day soon.

But here's what i found in Scriptures. Dew "from the Lord" has one characteristic---it "does not wait for man," [Micah 5.7]. It has nothing man-made, it isn't through man's effort, and it uses nothing man-invented. It is all God's.

Micah went further to describe what "dew from the Lord" is---it is like being "a lion among the beasts of the forest," like a "young lion among flocks of sheep." Finally, God declared that being dew from the Lord enables you to lift up your hand in triumph over your enemies "and all your foes will be destroyed," [verse 9].

Hey, small isn't small after all. Can you believe that? It's hard to swallow something like that when the life you live has nothing but small. Small this and small that. It's a big garbage heap with bits and pieces of debris----that's the right way of describing it.

It's good to hear something like that---"a lion among the beasts of the forest." A king. It's a real struggle to believe something like that when you have no money and no promotion while all around you people are getting more possessions and everything they desire.

Can you imagine how small a dew is? Scripture says God always favors the small, weak, poor and despised, those mocked and laughed at and belittled by people. God sides with those who people think are worthless and failures. If belittled people trust in God, they become dew from the Lord which God uses to accomplish his great plans.

So, small is big. To swallow something that big, I have to keep running and jogging. Hopefully, jogging can once more give me a broader view of things. Oops! Here I go again, talking big.

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