Such knowledge is too wonderful for me 
When I read something, I have the habit of searching out from it knowledge that is too wonderful for me [Psalm 139.6]. Often, you find these nuggets of wonderful knowledge in inconspicuous corners of a popular verse or sentence, read past by most people but seldom taken seriously or discovered. I like mining these "hidden treasures," plainly seen but seldom noticed. So one day, while preparing to sleep in bed, I decided to create Mined Power.

I love seeking out thoughts like that. When you share them, people often say, "I know I've read it somewhere, but I never really noticed it before!" It's because most people have ready eyes for the obvious and ignore the background. But backgrounds are where crucial things sometimes appear, without which the main subject often becomes weak. In fact, backgrounds usually get my attention more.


When I was an architecture student, we would do still life artworks in charcoal or ink. And often, I would emphasize on the background more than the subject. That mistake was corrected in time, but I still took visual note of the backgrounds than the subject. When I view panoramic mountainous scenes, I always look at the distant backgrounds, faintly discernible yet more exhilarating and inspiring to me.

It's all too wonderful to me. I must devote part of my blogging time to Mined Power.

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