The Lord has rejected his altar
Jeremiah saw it in a vision--God "rejected his altar and abandoned his sanctuary" [Lamentation 2.7]. It was unthinkable for Israel at the time to see God not just leaving but "abandoning" the temple built for his Name according to His Word, and which He Himself designed and provided accurate dimensions for.

And many churches today won't accept it if it were happening to them.

It's not how expensive altars are or how active the priests/pastors and people there do their worship programs. It's not in the size of the congregation or beauty of the songs and singing. It's not how mega the church is or how impressive the building and facilities are.

If people there are not true worshipers who worship in spirit and truth, God will reject his altar--even the church itself.


It may be that your church--no matter how big, peopled, moneyed, and popular--has been rejected by God, no matter how "solemn" you think or "lively" your worship is and even that God's presence can really be felt there. Especially when a lot of church people today base everything on the money value system--they think that moneyed, mega and rich churches are the ones "blessed" by God and small and poor ones are "rejected."

They have completely forgotten how Jesus said that the poor in spirit are genuinely blessed and that "What people value highly is detestable in God's sight," [Luke 16.15]. Moreover, they don't understand that "life does not consist in an abundance of possessions," [Luke 12.15]. 

Most especially, they seem to know nothing about the churches in Smyrna and Philadelphia--or if they do, they take them for granted.

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