They will come over to you
God talked about calling a pagan, Cyrus, to his service. It was something out-of-this-world to the Jews of that time. And what was more unacceptable was that God was going to empower him: "They (the products of Egypt, the merchandise of Cush, and the tall Sabeans) will come to him and they will be his [Isaiah 45].

When God calls, equips and empowers you, he will command things and people to "come to you" and serve you. Imagine resources and people you need coming over to you so that you don't need to use hard human effort but only God effort.


I wait for the time when God puts this power mechanism to work again. Because he called you to do a ministry, he equips and empowers you with this magnetism--resources and people you need just come over to you and become yours. No human effort needed. It's all God-effort.

When Jesus did his ministry, there was no human effort needed. It was all God-effort. He called Peter, James, and John and they all simply "left everything and followed Jesus." The same things happened to the Acts church. Everywhere Paul and Peter turned, people were after them willing to give their lives in support of their ministries. Unlike today when pastors have to drag and force people to church.

Paul said there will come a time when evangelism will be as easy as, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."

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