Beware the Nice and Cruel

The drive to be rich. You see this in a lot of people today. There's nothing wrong in itself except that some people tend to overact later and not notice how the drive has become greed. I have a drive to make more money---yeah probably to be rich---but only to become and stay independent. That's all I want with money. I don't desire to have this and that or own those. I just want to out of other people's control.

The moment riches and power (or control) fuse together, you have a wretched creature born before you.

People tend to control and they are mostly cruel controllers---especially those driven by the desire to get rich to get power. Their aim for riches is to get power to control. They start out with nice motives for getting rich but later the love for power gets the better of them and they mutate into monsters, or the baser forms of power greediness. But you see, at the same time that they mutate, they can also appear as angels of light, or as wolves in sheep's clothing.

Have you seen them?

As long as you're among their minions, they remain nice to you. Just make sure you satisfy their ego cravings and you will be well rewarded---and they are generous benefactors, even "merciful" benefactors at times. But the moment you go against the norm they have established, you're dead meat. I have become a victim of these tyrants, and I'm talking about  despotic royalties in a church setting, kings and queens that claim to follow Christ.

If it were only a matter of moving away geographically, I would have ran as far away as possible, being a jagero. But these people are everywhere. As I have mentioned, many of them seek refuge in churches to gain power and control there. Some are in corporations, others in government, and the rest in "service" or "cause-oriented" groups. Many people are deceived by their outward kindness.

So I have learned to watch out for people who look too nice and kind, especially those who are religious. They often hide something. Deceitful eateries often hide rotten food in sweet flavors. I prefer restaurants that spice up food just enough and leave room for adjustment if customers so decide. I always want to spice up food myself. And with people, I prefer those who'd allow me my share of freedom in a friendship and use that freedom as I see fit---because I always allow my friends the full use of their freedoms even to the extreme.

I have friends who love to live abnormal lives, and I let them. You can't tell every jogger you meet that he or she jogs wrongly just because they don't jog the way you do. And you don't own the street, anyway. Of course, it's a different matter once they ask you for your opinion about their lives. Then I speak out the truth in Christ.

Everyone will get a taste of riches and power in various degrees, sooner or later. And when the time comes, the best use for them is to make sure you are free from anyone else's control. You should know when to submit to true authority and you should know when control is masquerading as authority. In both cases, you should know your proper place.

And in any case, the best place is freedom. As a runner, you should know that.

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