I'm Not Working Out Just to be Healthy

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Of course, when I talk about exercise on my blogs, I say I workout just to be healthy. But that's the least reason. The real story is, I workout to be strong. So that when I hit a guy, one punch is enough to end the fight.

I'm not a notorious or quarrelsome guy. In fact, I'm better known in my circles as a peaceful, nice chap, although they know me to be a Filipino martial arts expert and it's not good when I get really angry---which seldom happens.

Often, I just walk out and forget about everything. A quiet life is "delicious."

But you need to be able to knockout a guy with a hit. A solid hit. It's important nowadays, especially with the peace and order situation gaining today in the country. Someone can just sneak behind you and put a knife to your neck or shoot you in the head. And then it's all simply because the guy thought you were his target, mistook you for someone else. That's stupid. Unfortunately, you cannot stop stupid killers by just saying,"That's stupid!" You should be able to defend yourself. And in a deadly way.

So I make it a point to workout regularly. I'm not a gym fanatic. In fact, I'm not comfortable when I'm in gyms. I'm often a loner---often with the Lord or my wife or some select close friends---about a hundred of them 😄. I enjoy working out alone. No pressure, no contest. Just dong it at my pace. And I'm not fond of using special workout equipment. I just use the streets, the floor, a horizontal bar, chest expander and bending bar.

I want my punches to be solid and deadly. So with my kicks. I also train well with arnis sticks, knives, and guns. God forbid, but if a thug or criminal has some stupid ideas against me, and I find an opening and timing to hit, I want it to be a real quick, single, devastating hit. And that takes regular training.

I'm always alert, especially in the streets. I take notice of everything and everyone (even guys standing in some remote corners) while at the same time managing to look and feel relaxed and cool. I even smile a lot. But my eyes are sharp and my body ready for action. My hands ready to strike. I'm mastering the art of being relaxed and peaceful while staying dangerous and deadly.

So, I'm not really into fitness and getting healthy is just coincidental to why I workout regularly. I aim to be deadly. I am meek and peaceful, but I need to be dangerous and deadly. It's good I can say these things here, being anonymous, because I cannot say these things outright in public. A lot of people will be shocked and won't understand. They'd stumble. They have weak knees because they don't jog.

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