When Some People Treat You Like Shit

Jogging helps a lot to melt bad thoughts in your mind, especially when you're haunted by thoughts about how some people treat you like garbage. You see it---people don't care about your opinions during conversations, in fact they show you how you don't exist to them---and often you get affected by that, even if your sensitivity to garbage treatment have deadened somewhat.

By the way, before I forget, jogging and blogging are two powerful emotional detox "supplements" that are God-sent to us as gifts. Thank God they are easily available and doable anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is go out and run and then sit down and write. If you haven't done them---and you are bombarded by stress daily---now is the time to start doing them.

People treat you like garbage especially when you have no money. Even in church (or especially in church). It's amazing how some people can appear nice to well-to-do folks but become cruel when dealing with poor folks like me. I and my wife know perfectly well what it's like to be garbage 😎. And yet we manage to still walk with a bit of dignity even if we are almost daily shamed in public without reason.

So, I thought of creating a blog where I can put all these things here, express myself all I want, and remain anonymous about it all.

So, when the going gets tough, I do extra running. Jogging gives you time to think and process thoughts and clear your mind and have a sense of accomplishment after. It's like the hurt and pain ooze out with the perspiration and mucus, out your body, and washed away during shower.

I hope all you hurt people out there are able to run.

But generally, I'm not affected. I guess I've grown used to it since I and my wife have become financially hard off. That was way back 1996. And a few years after, I learned to run regularly. So what if people treat me as garbage? I often don't care. Perhaps it's like how people picking up scraps from trashes to make a living feel. They've become immune to how people look at them. My friends who do this for a living (literally) actually enjoy it and manage to smile amid all the pile heap and smell.

E ano? That's the proper mental attitude if you are to survive on this planet. Sometimes you should live like a zombie---unfeeling, unthinking and always hungry for food. Yeah, aside from jogging and blogging, all the hurts and pains disappear when I'm devouring good food. So my wife and I often walk to the 7-11 in the neighborhood or the village cafe for some cheap cold drinks and snacks.  Mostly, cheap hopia and water do the trick.

We say to each other---"As long as we're happy together with the Lord and love each other."

When there's true love between you, being thrown to the dumps doesn't matter. OK lang. Yun nga lang, mnsan it gets inside you and you need an outlet. Rather than hit a guy or run amok, I just do a good jogging session.

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